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5.0 stars

Posted by James J. Macie Attorney
July 26, 2022

I and many other Atlanta area attorneys, who specialize in family law, consider John Camp the “go-to guy” when a case involves federal civil service or military divorce. Federal Retirements are a world unto itself, and a trap for those unwary attorneys who enter into it without special guidance. John is the person who can educate a Family Law Attorney and their client to avoid costly pitfalls.John has been an inestimable aid to me on countless occasions. I wouldn’t think of entering a case involving military or federal civil service law issues without his assistance. He always conducts himself with good grace, a sense of humor, and endless patience. My clients appreciate him as much as I do for his expert counsel.

I highly recommend John Camp without reservation for help in federal retirement issues. Bring him into the case early so he can assist you in finding all of those retirement benefits for your client!

Military Divorce Expert

Posted by Mark Sullivan, ESQ

I’ve known John for 25 years and he has my full confidence and respect as a top-notch expert in the areas of military and federal retirements, post-divorce medical benefits, the Military, CSRS and FERS Survivor Benefit Plans and all other matters which touch on the subjects of divorce and military/federal personnel and their spouses. He and I regularly share information and advice about handling these cases, and he gives freely to help his fellow lawyers and his clients. I can always trust John for the right answer, or else a well thought out approach to a problem which has no easy solution. He’s “the lawyer’s lawyer” when it comes to handling military and federal family law issues. There are no more than three attorneys nationwide who can match his level of skill and knowledge – and none are superior to him!

Mr. John Camp is an exceptional attorney

Posted by Bradley Carlson

Mr. John Camp is an exceptional attorney and excellent expert consultant. My office has worked with Mr. Camp on a number of complex divorce litigation matters that require expert knowledge of the Federal Retirement System and the military retirement system. Mr. Camp’s decades of experience and knowledge allowed him to quickly identify the case issues, understand the situation, and to quickly provide solutions to meet my client’s goals. Mr. Camp will take the time to help develop case strategy and identify the work plan necessary to achieve client wins. I highly recommend Mr. Camp, and I will most certainly be using his expert assistance on future client matters.

5.0 stars

Posted by Mark Gruber, Esq.
July 26, 2022

John Camp Esq. is the “go to” lawyers lawyer regarding Federal Pension Benefits and distribution. The area is complex and far beyond most family lawyer experience and expertise. It was my pleasure to have worked with John on a complex case and he left no stone unturned. Mark Gruber Esq.

Client Testimonials

Marie, Panama City, Florida February 2023

My husband was a National Guard Reserve Officer in Michigan when he and I divorced in 2011. My divorce attorney retained Mr. Camp to serve as our Military Divorce Expert. Mr. Camp provided exceptionally clear guidance to me and my divorce attorney, and suggested all of the benefits I should request as part of the divorce. He did everything perfectly and prepared the required orders and the forms for me to receive my former spouse benefits. Then eleven years later, I found I needed Mr. Camp again and in a very important way. Somehow DFAS had failed to start my benefits when my ex-husband retired, and I did not know the status of my former spouse survivor benefits. But more important to my survival was that I had developed a life threatening illness after the divorce and desperately needed to obtain my 20/20/20 former spouse benefits for TRICARE and TRICARE for Life. There was no one I could find to assist me. Everything I found on the Internet was so confusing and more often than not just plain wrong! I sought help from the military, and they would not lift a finger to help me. So after more than a decade, I reached out to Mr. Camp to see if he could help me through the process of getting my 20/20/20 Former Spouse Benefits and clearing up the awful SNAFU at DFAS so I could receive my share of the Military Retirement and former spouse SBP benefits. Mr. Camp proved again to be my champion and took-on the challenges of my case with all of the arcane difficulties. He cleared up the problems at DFAS and I commenced receiving my share of the military retirement. He then obtained confirmation that I was indeed the former spouse SBP beneficiary of my ex-husband’s Survivor Benefit Plan. He then guided me through the tedious process of getting my 20/20/20 Former Spouse benefits. He even walked me through the process of getting an appointment to obtain my Former Spouse Military ID Card! I simply cannot say enough about the quality, level of detail, efficiency, expertise and professionalism of Mr. Camp’s work and his character. I so often felt “defeated before I started” as the process was so overwhelming. Mr. Camp “kept me in the fight” and told me that I could do this…and I did!! He treated me with the utmost respect, kindness and concern. Mr. Camp gave me the encouragement and precise guidance that I needed to get through the military’s bureaucracy and their tedious requirements. I highly recommend Mr. Camp and do so with the utmost confidence that he is truly the expert in military divorce and absolutely what a lawyer should be. He will always have my gratitude and respect. There are not enough “stars” to rate him on any scale…he is simply…the best there is!!

Talk about “Shock and Awe”

Posted By Robert I. – Indiana

I am retired from the United States Marine Corps and also a 100% Disabled Veteran from my service in Afghanistan and Iraq. My ex-wife and I had a simple divorce in 2017. I thought all was finished, and then in 2022 she hired a big Atlanta Law Firm to come after me for being in contempt of our divorce agreement. It all had to do with my Veterans Disability Benefits and also being awarded Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC), which reduced my military retired pay. I could find no one to help me as most divorce lawyers are clueless on Military Divorce Cases. Through several referrals, I found John Camp at John Camp Law. What a difference talking to someone who “knows their stuff” about this area! In no time he had my issues clearly identified and explained them to me in detail. He then proposed a plan of action for me to defend against the contempt. He associated a talented Atlanta Attorney to do the litigation work. The two of them were awesome! Talk about “Shock and Awe”…. one letter to my Ex’s Atlanta Lawyer extinguished their case! As a Marine I learned that “one good shot can cause your adversary to tuck-tail and run.” Well Mr. Camp and my attorney knew just how to fire that one shot … and my problems were over! Don’t be fooled by those who claim to know about Military Divorce. So often they are after your business and your money because they really don’t know what they are doing. When your back is up against the wall, you don’t have time to have an inexperienced attorney feel their way through the darkness to try and help you. Go for the best…Go for the knowledge….go for John Camp Law!

True Professional, Reliable, and Dedicated Attorney

Posted by C. Standridge

I was lost in the OPM process of processing a court order from prior divorce. I couldn’t find anyone who could help me. Finally, an Attorney from Gainesville, Georgia suggested that I contact Attorney John Camp. In the first moments of our consult, I immediately felt a huge sigh of relief! After we concluded, I remember thinking to myself… “where was this guru of knowledge and skills twelve years ago, when I needed his expertise and thoroughness!”

I value John’s judgment and respect his opinion. He would patiently listen to all my thoughts, fears and anxious concerns. He heard them and did not discount them or discourage me. He offered me encouragement, and shined a light through the darkness of having to deal with OPM. What a relief!

John loves what he does and it reflects in his actions. I can’t say enough about him other than he is a true professional, reliable, and dedicated attorney. I felt that a certain rapport was developed between us, and I will not hesitate to call out to John again should I require legal advice in this matter.

5.0 stars AMAZING! Knowledgable, brilliant, kind.

Posted by Anne Coldiron

Connie C., Minnesota, CSRS Retiree

After 40 years of federal service, I recently retired with a civil service pension (CSRS). Twelve years ago I went through a divorce and my CSRS Retirement was divided as marital property. I agreed at the time for my ex-husband to receive half of my pension valued at the date of our divorce. Even though my divorce attorney had the OPM information to write the Court Order Acceptable for Processing (COAP) she still got it wrong! I didn’t realize I had a major problem until years later after attending a retirement session. My instructor took me to the side and told me it was written incorrectly and I would actually be paying my ex-husband half of my entire retirement! I was so ready to retire, but I had to correct it prior to retirement. Where do you find someone to help? I went on line looking for someone who really understood civil service retirement court orders. Luckily I found Mr. Camp and reached out to see if he could help me.

Mr. Camp is a true expert on this topic. He immediately knew the issues and laid out my options to resolve them. He is very responsive and promptly answered all of my emails with detailed information. Since he was not licensed in Wisconsin he helped me find an attorney who could submit the amended COAP to the Courts. If I needed him to assist me in Court, he was available to act as an expert on this topic if we had to argue the amendment in front of a judge. Fortunately I didn’t need to! The Wisconsin attorney I selected to assist in submitting the court order told me he was so glad to have Mr. Camp involved in the case. John was so helpful to my Wisconsin, who said he would use him in the future if he had other clients with federal government pension issues.

If you find yourself in need of a great attorney specializing in government divorce I highly recommend Mr. Camp.

Karen G., Massachusetts, 2022

I wish to share my ordeal with US OPM and how it became the fight of my life…a battle of “David versus Goliath!”

My late Ex-Husband was a senior federal employee. He and I amicably divorced in 1993 after 25 years of marriage. We used a very reputable Family Law Attorney, who seemed to be on top of everything that needed to be done to divide my Ex’s CSRS Retirement and provide me with a Former Spouse Survivor Annuity….or at least I thought. To my surprise and regret, he did not, and 25 years after we divorced and my Ex passed away US OPM denied me the Former Spouse Survivor Annuity due to a “technical error” in the wording of my 1996 Divorce Agreement. My prior divorce attorney would not help me, and I could find no one either willing or capable of helping me take on US OPM. The loss of the Survivor Annuity had me in desperate fear of my financial security and panicked over how I could support myself and my disabled son. Had it not been for my reaching out to John Camp and his willingness to help me take on the battle with US OPM, I would not have been able to turn the Agency around and win my battle over benefits that my late Ex-Husband intended for me to have. Mr. Camp was firm, deliberate, compassionate, competent, and above all patient to help me as my technical advisor. We battled two US OPM denials and ultimately went to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) before US OPM finally relented.

Mr. Camp is a rarity among attorneys…one of a select few who possess in-depth knowledge of the federal Civil Service Retirement System and US OPM. His support and encouragement to me during this time-consuming and very stressful period in my life will never be forgotten. Mr. Camp is the definition of humanity for how people should treat one another.

5.0 stars AMAZING! Knowledgable, brilliant, kind.

Posted by Anne Coldiron
June 10, 2017

I consulted with Mr. Camp on a very complex former spouse matter, and he was thoughtful, thorough, and very kind. He took extended time to discuss the ins, outs, and loops of a complicated set of circumstances. There are many lawyers who claim knowledge of this area of law, but Mr. Camp ACTUALLY knows it through and through. He is also up to date on Tricare changes coming up in 2018. I cannot say enough good things about this wise and careful advisor. I would hire him in a heartbeat; if things get even slightly complicated as my situation progresses, I am going to try to become his client.

5.0 stars Finally an Attorney That Understands Military Divorces!

Posted by anonymous
May 5, 2015

I am a military reservist and was divorced 17 years ago. My original attorney advertised that he did military divorces in the phone book, and he convinced me he knew what he was doing. Skip ahead 17 years. I began receiving my reserve military retired pay and my former spouse filed for her portion. The original order was not worded correctly and needed to be clarified. Her attorney reworded a corrective order. I couldn’t locate my original attorney, so I spoke to my local JAG office which really couldn’t advise me, but said the language in the clarifying order seemed correct as to form. When the pay division occurred I was surprised that my former spouse was getting more money than I was!!!! I began searching for someone to correct this mess…a local lawyer recommended the attorney they consult with on these types of matters…John Camp! Not only is he an expert in military and civil service divorces, he teaches the intricacies of these laws to other attorneys and judges. John was able to correct the clarifying order to properly divide my retired pay. I only wish I had consulted with him 17 years ago!!!! Not all attorneys are equal!

5.0 stars A Divorce Client

Posted by anonymous
May 1, 2015

Mr. Camp is truly an AMAZING attorney!!! My husband, who was a retired Federal Civil Service Employee, filed for divorce after 40+ years of marriage. Because my husband was a Civil Service Retiree, Mr. Camp came highly recommended from the office of another attorney where I had previously sought advice. His experience and knowledge of the Federal Civil Service Retirement System are very extensive, and he was able to tell me of my all entitlements within the hour of our consultation. He quickly went to work on my counterclaim for the divorce, and in two weeks we were in court for spousal support. The outcome – I was awarded a substantial monthly amount. I could not have gotten through the complex situation surrounding the divorce, and then the difficult time of my husband’s death, without Mr. Camp being there every step of the way. Mr. Camp smoothly navigated the application process with OPM, and I am now receiving the monthly survivor benefit. Mr. Camp also made sure that I was able to keep the health benefits as well because at my age, there is no way I could afford to pay health care premiums on my own. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Camp as the go-to attorney for anyone involved in a Federal Civil Service case.

5.0 stars Awesome!

Posted by Sandra
March 24, 2015

Mr Camp is an awesome, awesome attorney! I had three attorneys before Mr. Camp. These three attorneys dragged this case for years. ( 2000 to 2014). Mr. Camp took my case at the end of 2014 and we were in court within 6mos. And the outcome was so awesome. I am still doing a praise dance. THANK YOU, MR CAMP. NEVER WILL FORGET HIM!

5.0 stars An Attorney Who Works Passionately for You and Delivers Key Results!

Posted by Elaine
March 12, 2015

Even if you are in the pre-stages of a divorce, especially one that will involve military or civil service issues, I highly recommend contacting John Camp. John became my champion in a complex divorce involving military and federal civil service retirement and disability issues. Mr. Camp served as attorney consultant to me and my attorney after we had attended mediation and had a signed settlement agreement. Unwittingly, my attorney and I made many errors in judgment because of our not knowing about federal benefits and military retirement issues. Mr. Camp identified the problems, explained what needed to be done, and made countless recommendations on how we could reach closure on complex issues of Veterans Benefits, Federal Disability Retirement, Survivor Benefits, Healthcare Options, and many more. Divorcing after forty years of marriage, I was most fortunate to have Mr. Camp to think for me and to be able to rely on his vast knowledge. Frankly, at times, I was too emotionally and often mentally and physically drained to be anything but overwhelmed with it all. Mr. Camp’s “take charge” personality immediately engaged to guard my benefits, making sure no stone was left unturned, gleaning the maximum possible for my benefit. His “eye for detail” meant nothing was swept past his observation or dropped “off the table” and into oblivion. He made sure all bases were covered. The attorneys who represented me and my husband were among the most reputable in the Atlanta area. As good as they were, they had no idea…not even a clue…about the military and federal civilian retirement systems or how to address them in a divorce. They were in over their heads on key issues in our divorce that if not handled correctly would have led to severe financial distress for me and my husband. Thankfully, Mr. Camp was recommended to my attorney as the “go-to guy”, “guru”, if you will, for all military and federal civil service matters in divorce. His expertise and patience allowed us to accomplish the critical tasks that were about to be left unaddressed. John served as an educator to both attorneys, bringing to light pertinent facts of which they were not aware. At times, he even respectfully mediated them to resolve disputes over wording, implementation of some very critical items and helped us all reach a much-needed mutual understanding. I am afraid to think what would have happened had he not been involved in keeping our divorce from irreversible disaster. Mr. Camp was always personable and promptly returned my communication whether it was emails, letters or that distress call on a Friday afternoon. He worked tirelessly for me, even calling me after business hours and on weekends to answer questions or to brief me on my next course of action. He thoroughly covered every aspect of my case and always made sure I understood what the outcome of each option would produce. I am so glad there are attorneys like Mr. Camp. His immense knowledge of military and civil service laws and regulations did not come overnight. It takes a lifetime of hard work, experience and years of tedious and dedicated study and research to produce a “John Camp”. If you search on the internet, you will find many attorneys making the claim they know Military Divorce or Federal Civil Service issues. But once you research a little further, you will find this to be untrue. Hiring such an attorney will only cost you much more in the long run. Mr. Camp is one of the few attorneys nationwide who is truly qualified to handle such complicated issues. He manages an extremely busy law practice and still finds time to be in many leadership positions in the State Bar, to write legislation to help military families, to teach other lawyers in continuing education classes, and to mentor young lawyers who aspire to be their best. Yes, John Camp is “a game-changer.” He is the attorney you want for effective and professional representation

5.0 stars Excellent General Advice

Posted by anonymous
September 8, 2014

After reading one of Mr. Camp’s old blog posts, I reached out to him with questions based on his expertise regarding military gross income calculation for child support. I sent a general inquiry and explained that it was just for informational purposes, not as a prospective client. Frankly, I wasn’t sure I’d even get a reply, as based on experience, even an attorney who has represented you won’t respond to even a basic inquiry without charging. However, Mr. Camp not only responded but did so within a few hours, provided more detail than I expected, then later replied to a follow-up question with examples, documents and attachments. At one point, he even thanked me for being respectful of his time. Frankly, I was blown away by the responsiveness and the helpfulness of the information he provided. Considering the level of assistance I got, I can only imagine the efforts he goes to for his clients. Unfortunately, due to location, we can’t retain Mr. Camp, but if not for that, he would be my first choice for representation.

5.0 stars Mr. Camp is a trustworthy, responsive and knowledgeable expert in complicated Military and Civil Service Divorce issues!

Posted by Rhonda
September 7, 2014

As I was moving forward in my divorce proceedings, my attorney put me in contact with Mr. Camp to handle the Military/Civil Service portion of my divorce. Mr. Camp really is an expert in Military and Civil Service divorce issues. He was able to help me figure out the intricacies of my Military and Civil Service entitlements, pension division, survivor benefits, and especially healthcare. He was quickly responsive to my many questions and inquiries. When things would start to get complicated, he had a plethora of contacts who were able to make things happen on my behalf. As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Camp is the “go-to guy” for Military or Civil Service divorce issues in Georgia. I highly recommend him to help others who are in similar situations and who are in need of an expert that they can count on to bring about a timely and positive resolution on their behalf.

5.0 stars Appreciation for Mr. Camp’s services

Posted by Delia
August 20, 2014

My divorce required expertise in the field of military pensions because my then spouse was retired military and receiving a military pension. My divorce lawyer recommended we use John Camp because she trusted him to do an excellent job navigating this specialized area. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable in this area of military pensions as well as able and willing to answer any question I or my lawyer had. He was thorough, meticulous to detail, responded quickly when we were in need of assistance and very good about informing us when he needed to be out of town. I remember one specific incident when my lawyer, the opposing lawyer, my then spouse and I were all on a conference phone call with Mr. Camp and he was able to calmly and skillfully by his words and the tenor of his voice defuse the tension that was occurring over a matter that had come up. He was an integral and important part of my divorce settlement and I am grateful.

5.0 stars If you want it done right

Posted by Military Mom
August 20, 2014

I hired Attorney Camp in 2014. When I met Mr. Camp, I was working with another lawyer on a military relocation custody case. Before securing his services, my case seemed to be at a standstill; I was getting nowhere fast as if case my case was suspended in mid-air for nearly a year. It didn’t seem to matter what I did, how much I inquired, followed up or provided, it simply wasn’t going anywhere. I desperately needed this case resolved; my family needed direction and finality. Once Attorney Camp came into the picture, everything shifted; he calmly and empathetically listened to my case. He gave me legal, fatherly and life experience advice. I was getting so much more than a lawyer, I was learning from him on a fundamental level. He cares for people and desires the best for children; making no bones about his resolution over “NOT putting children in the middle.” He had my case resolved within 3 months! I was pleased with the results. He didn’t waste time, he and his paralegal kept in constant communication with me, and although I knew he had many cases apart from mine; when he worked with me; I knew I had his entire attention and effort. Mr. Camp is wise, smart and professional to the infinite power.

5.0 stars A man of integrity

Posted by anonymous
August 20, 2014

Mr. Camp helped my sister-in-law through a very difficult situation involving her husband’s infidelity and resulting issues of child support. In working with her, the advice he gave was invaluable to her case and his many years of experience cut the time she spent accruing legal fees in half. Mr. Camp negates all stereotypes given to lawyers these days in the fact that his altruism and belief in a fair justice system are paramount to greed. I recommend any potential client who wants a lawyer who exemplifies integrity to look no further than Mr. Camp!

I was told Attorney Camp was the best in the business

Posted by Laura L.

I was advised by my ten attorney to seek Attorney Camp for a consultation as a strategy to block my ex-spouse from securing his legal services. I was told Attorney Camp was the best in the business, his knowledge and expertise are of no comparison. My current attorney did not want to go up against him in the court of law. Therefore, I sought his consultation. Attorney Camp was frank, quite bold, and gave me a lot of hard information to think about. Later, my court case did not go as I hoped using the attorney who referred me to Attorney Camp. I fired that attorney and then went back to Attorney Camp and asked if he’d consider taking my case. Thankfully, he accepted, and over the next few years he invested in me. Attorney Camp expanded my knowledge of how to win a Military Custody case and gave me practical tools to stand up for myself. He is an exquisite communicator, super responsive, a good listener, patient, and will work endlessly to ensure his clients are exceptionally represented. Not long after hiring Attorney Camp, my child was reunited with our family. I am forever grateful for Attorney Camp and his valuable lessons that made me a better person and Mother. I now see why the first attorney I had feared him in the courtroom. He is an awesome litigator and knows how to “get it done!” I refer all of my friends needing a Family Law Attorney to Attorney Camp.

I witnessed Mr. Camp smoothly take leadership of the situation

Posted by Roger S.

I went to attorney John Camp to fix a difficult and messy Court Order Acceptable for Processing (COAP) to restore half of my FERS pension. Eight years earlier during my divorce after a 35-year marriage, my local New Jersey attorney obtained a COAP from a Professional QDRO Company that was filled with errors that needlessly cost me half of my FERS Retirement pension! The QDRO Company obviously didn’t know what they were doing. I didn’t learn what a mess I had on my hands until I retired and my pension checks started mysteriously arriving….cut in half! For months I was baffled, angry, and had nowhere to turn until a knowledgeable acquaintance fortunately referred me to Mr. Camp. Within an hour he identified the critical problems, created a viable and rational solution on how to move forward and fix the problem, and he re-drafted a new COAP. Throughout this process I witnessed Mr. Camp smoothly take leadership of the situation with my former attorney. He diplomatically and thoughtfully worked with him to navigate the new COAP through filing with the local courts. He then took charge of serving the US Office of Personnel Management with the new COAP. My full pension is now on its way to being fully restored! If you or your attorney needs an expert on military and federal civil service retirement issues, I highly urge you to contact Mr. Camp. He is always there for you, and knows what to do to get you situations taken care of quickly.

John brings the experience and technical knowledge that even the best of Family Law Attorneys lack

Posted by Patricia O.

I had no idea I was sitting on a ticking time-bomb until I spoke with my Federal Human Resources Office and they told me how messed up my CSRS Retirement Division Order was written. I foolishly relied upon my ex-husband’s divorce attorney, who falsely claimed competence to write our COAP. What a mistake that was! Almost 14 years later, I had to go back and attempt to get my uncooperative ex-husband to assist with getting an Amended COAP entered. You guessed it…no willingness to cooperate and no attorneys willing to touch my toxic divorce orders! I couldn’t retire until I fixed the problem, and now it was considered “impossible” to do. I contacted multiple “expert” attorneys and all lacked the expertise or just refused to deal with any federal retirement problems. Then I found John Camp…a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about military and civil service divorces…almost 50 years of experience fixing them, and the confidence to tackle mine. John “teamed up” with my local attorney, and in no time he had the issues figured out and a plan to “get it done right!” As a result of his work, I now have a PROPERLY worded COAP that has gone through the US Office of Personnel Management. My “lesson learned” is that if you have, or are facing, a divorce involving military/civil service retirement issues, save yourself a lot of money and frustration by having John Camp Law join your Divorce Team. John brings the experience and technical knowledge that even the best of Family Law Attorneys lack when dealing with federal and military retirements. Contact him FIRST!