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Over 50 Years Of Military Divorce And Asset Division Experience

A general knowledge of divorce and asset division is not enough when a divorce involves military personnel, federal civil service or railroad employees. Their unique and complex retirement plans and other benefits require great care from an attorney with the requisite experience to protect their rights. I founded the law firm of John Camp Law, LLC, to leverage my extensive experience in these niche areas and provide trusted guidance to attorneys throughout the nation.

Proven Consultation And Advisory Services For Complex Divorce Cases

I spent the first half of my legal career as a JAG (judge advocate general). Today, I am available to partner with divorce and family law attorneys in need of an experienced guide to the complex issues present in divorce cases involving military personnel, civil service employees, railroad workers and more. These divorce cases often involve complex benefit packages and retirement plans. I am available to draft retirement documents for attorneys or join their team to assist with issues such as:
  • Military benefits, including representing the spouses of military personnel
  • Division of railroad worker assets, including the partition of railroad retirement annuities
  • Federal civil service benefits, including the drafting and execution of complex non-ERISA retirement contracts
I can provide the proper guidance necessary to help you and your attorney resolve these challenging issues and protect your interests.

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