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The Lawyer’s Lawyer – Providing Consulting Services To Fellow Attorneys

Military personnel, federal civil servants and their spouses cannot rely on just any attorney to make sure their interests are served. The issues surrounding their government benefits, retirement plans and other employment issues are far too complex. At John Camp Law, LLC, I have been working in these niche areas for more than 50 years. Today I offer nationwide consulting and expert witness services to attorneys and law firms throughout the United States.

Consulting And Expert Witness Service

Intellectual power is knowing what to do when it must get done. When it comes to your client’s best interest, a true professional understands that “knowing what you don’t know” is also intellectual power! Who can you turn to when you don’t know what to do in military and civil service divorce cases? Selected to the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Super Lawyers lists, I give family law practitioners that deep and fire-tested experience for successfully handling complex legal issues when a party is in the uniformed services or works in the federal sector. How much do you know about dividing military and civil service pensions (MPDOs & COAPs); survivor benefits (SBP, RC-SBP, FSSA); thrift savings plans (TSP); military and federal civilian health-care benefits (TRICARE, CHCBP, & FEHB); life insurance (SGLI, VGLI, FEGLI); and countless esoteric jurisdictional and discovery issues? When you don’t understand the subject matter, you are in a snake pit for legal malpractice and place your client on the road to disaster. Knowing who to call is the first critical step in successfully managing your client’s case. With over 50 years of practice and litigation experience, John Camp Law, LLC, is your first choice for consulting and expert witness support in military and federal civil service divorce cases. From client intake through mediation and trial, I am the lawyer’s lawyer you want on your legal team and at your counsel’s table.

Consulting And Scriveners Services (Drafting) For Military Pension Division Orders (MPDO) And Court Orders Acceptable for Processing (COAP)

Orders to divide a military and civil service pension must contain specific language. This is a specialized field of document preparation that should not be left to someone without experience. Court orders must meet both federal and state guidelines. I can put my experience to work for you to ensure orders are handled correctly. I am available to consult on your military pension division cases as well as draft the proper orders on behalf of your clients.

Consulting And Scriveners Services (Drafting) For Thrift Savings Plans

If your office needs assistance determining how military and federal employee thrift savings plans need to be divided during a divorce, you can count on me to guide you through the process start to finish. I understand the rules that apply to these plans and can provide you with the proper legal documentation necessary for distributing these assets.

Consulting And Scriveners Services (Drafting) For Railroad Retirement Act

All retirement plans have specific requirements for making distributions pursuant to a court order. Many have specific language requirements, which if not followed can mean a rejection of the order. I can help make sure this process occurs smoothly. If your client is involved in a divorce involving a railroad or longshoreman’s retirement, contact my office for guidance on what you should be aware of and assistance drafting the correct orders.

Drafting Complex Legal Documents For Retirement

Your clients are relying on you to make sure nothing has been overlooked when it comes to their retirement. I have extensive experience drafting complex retirement documents for military servicemembers, civil servants and others who are receive government retirement benefits. I can provide you with an experienced set of eyes, helping you draft and review such documents for your clients.

Service Of Process Upon Federal Retirement Plan Administrators

Plan administrators must be provided all orders that pertain to the distribution of retirement plans. I can help ensure these documents are provided pursuant to federal and state law and facilitate their delivery to the appropriate plan administrator. I understand most attorneys are unfamiliar with the requirements of providing documents to these administrators, so I will remove burden from you entirely.

Creative Solutions For Correcting And Clarifying Court Orders Rejected By The Defense Finance And Accounting Service (DFAS) And other Federal Plan Administrators

Sometimes the best-drafted court orders contain errors. I can review these orders and make sure that the necessary corrections are made and resubmitted to the proper plan administrator. I know that even when you believe a court order is properly executed there may still be missing language. I am here to help you find the right solution for your specific problem.

Expert Witness Support For Trial Litigation, Mediation And Arbitration

When you need help preparing for a civil servant or military member’s divorce, contact me for help. I know the types of issues an expert witness may need to provide at trial, mediation or arbitration. John Camp Law, LLC, can serve as your co-counsel. I am available to serve as a highly credentialed expert witness and consultant for family law litigation involving military and civil service matters all over Georgia and the Southeast.

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