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John Makes Good Lawyers Better Lawyers…Proven Consultant With 50 Years Of Experience

John spent the first half of his legal career as a JAG (Judge Advocate General), gaining hands-on experience with the legal issues facing military personnel, federal employees, and their spouses. Since moving into private practice, John found so many professional family law attorneys dangerously lacked even basic knowledge of federal and military retirement benefits.  Much worse for their clients, their family law attorneys had no understanding of the nuances, pitfalls, and “spouse traps” always lurking in the shadows in dividing federal retirement benefits.  Today John finds serving as a consultant, scrivener, and expert witness for military and public servant divorces throughout the United States as a fulfilling and rewarding practice.

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Nationwide Consulting Services…”YIKES…If Only I Knew That Earlier!”

For Family Law Attorneys, consider how much more professional your services can be (not to mention reducing your legal malpractice footprint) by making John Camp Law a member of your Litigation Team.  As a consultant and adviser for attorneys who have service members, federal civil servants, Railroad personnel or their spouses for clients, John Camp Law can relieve you of all the “deep diving” research and hair-pulling frustration in learning about federal retirement benefits, post-divorce healthcare, and how to write and serve federal domestic relations court orders.  You may know a few of the issues involved in a military or federal civil service divorce, but what you don’t know is what kills you and destroys your client.  Federal rules are esoteric, ridiculously complex, and….if you “get it wrong” you may never be able to fix the harm caused by your legal mistakes. While John Camp is actively licensed in Florida and Georgia, he can assist in cases nationwide by providing technical advice on federal retirements as consultant to your legal team.  If you are a client in search of competent representation, John Camp Law can provide you assistance in locating competent counsel and steer you toward a trusted attorney in your area to head your team.

John Camp Law only handles non-ERISA retirement plans for federal employees, military personnel, and railroad workers.  For qualified plans under ERISA, John has a vast national network of QDRO preparers to assist with ERISA retirement orders.  Often John’s most valuable service beyond being a consultant is serving as your expert witness to establish, advocate, and perfect your client’s case for dividing federal retirement benefits in court.

Put Fire Tested Experience on Your Side

“In Law it is fundamental…with knowledge, you have power…and with power you can quickly defeat your adversary!”  John Camp Law delivers knowledge to attorneys and their clients to identify, divide, and perfect the award of military retirement pay, federal civil service retirements (CSRS & FERS), and get those awesome savings out of the federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).   I founded my firm to help clients and attorneys benefit from my fire-tested knowledge and experience in these critical areas of practice. Together we will successfully solve the most vexing issues of your case and protect your client’s interests. Call 478-292-7650 to schedule a consultation.